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私どもは、Children and Youthセッションにて、「Public Private Partnership on Innovation for Children Welfare」と題して、JICA様の枠にて代表の尾形がご挨拶をさせていただき、タイの現地スタッフがJICA事業での取り組みを発表させていただきます。

We will present a case study at the "World Social Work Day" international symposium to be held on March 31 (Thursday) in Thailand.
At the event to coincide with World Social Work Day in March, not only Thailand but also ASEAN countries and international organizations (UNICEF etc.) are scheduled to participate, and the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and ASEAN Social Work / Social Welfare Training Center ( It will be a co-sponsored event with the participation of ATCSW).
At the Children and Youth session, the representative Ogata gave a greeting in the framework of JICA under the title of "Public Private Partnership on Innovation for Children Welfare", and the local staff in Thailand gave a greeting in the JICA project. We will announce our efforts.