【お知らせ】「母子健康管理プラットフォーム~Melody i」コンセプトビデオ公開

メロディ・インターナショナル株式会社の周産期母子健康管理プラットフォーム「Melody i - メロディ・アイ」のコンセプト・ビデオです。


English Ver.


妊婦さんと医師のコミュニケーション・プラットフォーム“Melody i” が、世界中の妊婦さんと赤ちゃんの健康を守ります。
Melody iとは、使いやすい「電子母子手帳」と、小さくて可愛い「プチ胎児心拍計」のこと。これを使って、赤ちゃんの心臓の音と、ママのお腹の張りを計れば、赤ちゃんが元気かどうかすぐにわかります。



Melody i is a communication platform that
allows physicians and pregnant women
all over the world to protect the health of the child in the
womb and the mother!
Melody i is an easy to use
“electronic maternity passbook”.
It is a cute, small, and petite fetal heart rate monitor.
The rate of women getting pregnant at later age
has increased, while the number of obstetricians
and gynecologists has been steadily decreasing.
There are more high-risk pregnancies than before.
The power of ICT solves this problem.
If the condition of a mother or her baby is not normal,
the mother can see a doctor immediately via the internet.
Then, the doctor can easily refer the mother to a specialized hospital.
High-risk situations, such as the baby’s lack of oxygen can easily be detected.
Early detection and treatment can prevent problems for the unborn child, including stillbirth.

Melody International Ltd.
Supporting your health…
Caring for you…
Through the power of ICT.